Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time for the Lakers to Make the Deal for Howard

It's time for the Lakers to make the deal for Dwight Howard. It's time to send Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum to the Magic for Howard and Turkoglu.

Then the Lakers will have to pick-up a new point guard. That won't be so hard to do with Gilbert Arenas still on the market.

This current roster of the Lakers just isn't going to cut it. But with the trade for Howard the Lakers would stand a chance. The new Lakers starting line-up would look something like this:

PG: Arenas
SG: Bryant
SF: Barns or World Peace
PF: Murphy
C: Howard


PG: Fisher
SG: Kapono
SF: World Peace or Barns
PF: Turkoglu
C: McRoberts

The Lakers would then have to pick-up another big man somewhere along the line to solidify the bench as the playoffs come around.

I believe that Murphy and McRoberts can do well in coach Brown's offensive and defensive game plan. These player are capable of being solid contributors if Bryant and Howard control most of the game with their talents.

Right now, Gasol's and Bynum's talents don't compliment Murphy and McRoberts game well enough to make the Lakers a serious contender for the championship. Bring in Howard, and Murphy and McRoberts would shine in their roles. Plus, the Lakers will have two three-point shooters in Kapono and Turkoglu.

A bit expensive, I know, but with Kobe Bryant advancing in age, there really isn't any time to waste thinking about it. Make the deal for Howard by shipping Gasol and Bynum out.

mike t.
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