Friday, December 9, 2011

Brandon Roy

For the past couple of years everyone knew that Brandon Roy had serious knee problems. It's why he was traded on draft day by Minnesota to Portland. The Minnesota doctors were suspect of Roy's knees. That's common knowledge, isn't it?

Fast-forward to this off-season's lock-out. As the end of it was approaching; there were rumors that the 'Blazers were going to amnesty Roy. There were stories about how bad Roy was being treated, and how bad he was feeling about it. But, the 'Blazers knew the issues of his knees were going come into play, sooner or later. It seem that sooner has won out, but everyone knew it was coming. There were even whispers about why the 'Blazer gave him such a generous contract knowing the knees were an issue. The bottom-line, in my opinion, is that the 'Blazers were being very kind to the guy.

But, now Roy is about to retire, and his salary won't count against the cap because he's retiring for medical reasons. What does that mean? It means that the 'Blazers still have their amnesty option to use. Roy, I believe, wasn't going to retire. He was fighting for a spot on the 'Blazer's roster; even saying that he would accept a role coming off the bench. Then, few days ago he met with management to discuss his role on the team. The meeting was to address the rumors of Roy being amnestied by the 'Blazers. They came out of that meeting with the understanding that Roy was expected to be ready when camp opened.

What does all that mean? It means that the 'Blazers probably convinced Roy to retire for medical reasons so that the team can hold on to it's amnesty option. And what does that mean? Well, don't be surprised to hear that Roy is joining the 'Blazers organization in some way or another in the future.

That's a good reward for being a team player.

mike t.

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