Thursday, December 15, 2011

Let the Rumors Begin!


"Kobe Bryant is livid with the Lakers, and he may demand a trade, Stephen A. Smith said Thursday. Appearing on SportsCenter, Smith said “I predicted that Kobe Bryant will demand a trade, and I am not budging from that. He’s livid. I’ve known Kobe too long. He is ticked off."

Kobe Bryant will demand to be traded! That is the rumor already starting to be heard in the basketball world.


Dr. Jerry Buss is fuming that commissioner David Stern vetoed the Lakers deal for Chris Paul.


When commissioner Stern vetoed the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers it started a domino effect that will lead to the rebuilding of the Los Angeles Lakers, and bring to an end the Kobe Bryant era. It's not hard to understand Kobe Bryant's anger with Lakers' management right now, because when commissioner Stern vetoed the Chris Paul deal the Lakers panicked in the worst way.

How did it happen? The veto of the Chris Paul trade caused Lamar Odom to have his feelings hurt and demand a trade. Laker management panicked by giving Odom the trade he requested. The problem with the trade is that the Lakers didn't get anything for it in return. That left the Lakers in a position that has confused all Laker fans no matter how you look at it. It's difficult to explain because it makes absolutely no sense at all; just to accommodate Lamar Odom?

The first thing Laker fans will do is to blame Jim Buss for allowing Odom to have his way. But, even if Jim Buss made the decision to make the trade, the trade is squarely on Mitch Kupchak. It is the job of the General Manager to talk the owner out of making foolish decisions, and Mitch Kupchak failed to do that in the worst way. This is because Mitch Kupchak is just a yes man and nothing more.

Jerry West would have never allowed Jerry Busss to makes such a foolish move without presenting the consequences of such an action. All we have to do is look back at when Jerry Buss wanted to trade James Worthy to the Mavericks for Mark Agguire. Jerry West did his job and talked Jerry Buss out of it. It is Mitch Kupchak's job to talk Jim Buss out of making terrible trades. That's why he's the GM. He's the basketball expert and for him to allow the Lamar Odom trade is on him and him alone.

But, now that the deed is done, what is left is nothing short of confusing for all Laker fans. What are the odds of the Lakers getting Dwight Howard? Because, without Howard, the Lakers are in a world of trouble if Andrew Bynum doesn't come up big this season. And if Bynum doesn't come up big then the Lakers will be going down at a rapid pace that will make everyone call for heads to roll in Lakerville.

The veto of the Paul trade has already caused Lamar Odom to be traded. Now, we hear that Kobe Bryant will demand to be traded. If that happens then the Lakers will have no choice but to rebuild. And all of this because David Stern took it upon himself to play the God of the NBA.

What will Dr. Jerry Buss do? If he can't trade for Dwight Howard, then he might as well trade Kobe Bryant to the Magic for Howard. Of course, this is nothing more than basketball talk, but in Dr. Buss has any influence at all in the league...he'd go for David Stern's neck and get him fired. David Stern has single handily done what almost one else has been able to do. He has demolished the Los Angeles Lakers to the point where they may have no other choice but to rebuild, and for that Dr. Buss needs to do something about it.

You know, I'm not a real big Kobe fan, but this deal that commissioner Stern did is real dirty.

mike t.

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