Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Pampered NBA Player

This whole situation, here in Los Angeles, is a good example of what has become of the NBA. The NBA players are seriously pampered, and I can't really point to exactly how it has happened.

The trade of Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks brings an end to his time here in Los Angeles, where he was part of 2 NBA championships. He had a great run here in Los Angeles. But, it became clear that the Lakers needed to address the problems of being swept by the Mavericks in last season's playoffs. In a move to try to improve the team, they tried to trade Odom to the Hornets, twice, in a blockbuster deal that would have brought Chris Paul to Los Angeles. What, pray tell, is wrong with that?

Nothing is wrong with that except for the fact that Odom seems to think he was being betrayed by the team, and took it so personal that he requested a trade outside of the Hornets deal. I, personally, don't really believe that Odom was so upset with the idea of being traded from the Lakers, but rather from the city of Los Angeles. Everyone knows that Lamar is all caught up into the world of reality television. And everyone knows that his wife is part of the Kardashians reality machine. The trade probably threw a wrench into his cozy Los Angeles life style. The guy got so emotional that he requested a trade just to cut off his nose to spite his face.

What are we to make of these pampered NBA players? What do players like Odom expect? Does he expect for the Lakers to hold on to him until he just can't play anymore? That he should be allowed to retire a Los Angeles Laker? Where do these thoughts come from?

Then we have Pau Gasol with these thoughts:

"David Brickley: Gasol on possibility of being traded: "This has been a reality check." Twitter

David Brickley: Gasol: "it's becoming more of a business than a sport yet Im thankful to be here with the Lakers." Twitter

A reality check? It's "becoming more of a business..." Is the man serious? When has it been any other way?

Better yet, can someone tell me when the players lost perspective on the NBA as a business and somehow came to think it was something else?

mike t.

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