Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Around the League, Tonight!

Glancing through the league, especially at the team that made the big off-season deal, we see that there are no teams that have made big improvements from last season.



The New York Knicks continue to lose; this time to the lowly Charlotte Bobcats, who, now, have a record of 2-4, the same record as the Knicks. I guess, if I have to call the Bobcats "lowly," I have to call the Knicks "lowly," too.

The prize of this years free agent market, Tyson Chandler, came up short against the "short" Bobcat's center, Boris Diaw, who at 6'8, scored 27 points and pulled in 6 rebounds for the 'Cats. That is compared to Chandler's 11 points and 6 rebounds for the Knicks. But, the 'Cats' back-up center, Bryon Mullens, put in 16 points and grabbed 5 boards for the team. I guess Chandler can say that two against one isn't a fair fight. And he would be right, but that's what happens when a team spends all of its money on 3 players.

Interesting stat of the night for this game: Mike Bibby getting a DNP Coach's Decision. Big names going down in flames. That's what happens when teams sign players who are, basically, done.

The Knicks get killed at home 118-110. That's a non-defensive NBA score for sure.

Miami, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and San Antonio were all winners tonight.

Those are your top NBA teams who played tonight.

Chicago and Miami are both 6-1, San Antonio is 4-2, Boston is 4-3 and Dallas is 3-4.

Orlando is 5-2, but I don't consider them to be a contender.

The Clippers won to balance their record at 2-2. Billups, in any line-up, makes a difference. How the Knicks could let Billups go is beyond me. The guy is a winner because he plays the game the right way. He's a true leader. When he was winning a championship in Detroit, he was playing on a team that was executing on both the offensive and defensive end of the game, almost, to perfection. I mean, that was the only way they could have beaten the Lakers who had both Shaq and Kobe at the time.

Then he went and turned the Nuggets around. The Nuggets had Carmelo Anthony and a few other players who couldn't get their act together as a team. Then Billups came along and steadied that ship in the right direction. He took that teams talent and made it resemble a basketball team.

Then, he goes to New York with Anthony and ends up being cut loose for a player like Tyson Chandler? That has got to be a joke, right? Chauncey Billups is a professional basketball player who knows how to win. He takes the talent of a team and leads it in a direction that maximizes their potential. And the Knicks let this guy go for Tyson Chandler?


This lock-out shortened season, as of this point in the season, has no type of rhythm for any team so far. It might be best for the Lakers to work on their team rhythm, so that when the end of this season comes, they'll be right up there with the best teams in the league.

mike t.


  1. So the Knicks have now lost two straight at home to the Bobcats and Raptors?

    Uh... Houston, I think we have a problem.

  2. Sports Chump,

    That team, the Knicks, they are a seriously messed up team.

    Stoudemire became a big time player playing with Steve Nash.

    Carmelo Anthony couldn't get on a winning track in Denver until Chauncey Billups came to the Nuggets.

    Tyson Chandler? Give me a break!

    Without an elite point guard both Stoudemire and Anthony will never "lead" a team to a winning culture.

    That team is messed up all the way. And their coach is not a defensive coach.


    mike t.


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