Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kobe Bryant the Best NBA Player Ever?

This is absolutely "twi-light zone" scary.

Again, the man's 16th year in the league, and he drops 48 points on the Suns? That is stunning! Name one player in NBA history who put in 15 years into the league, and in his 16th year of play he drops a 48 on any team. Who?

At halftime, Kobe had 23 of the team's 46 points. That is astounding! Forget all this chatter I made up about the Lakers' big 3. Kobe Bryant is number 1. Kobe Bryant is number 2. And Kobe Bryant is number 3.

I think NBA fans should kick back and watch what Kobe does this season. Mr. Bryant, I'm not your biggest fan, but Mr. Bryant, you have my attention! Somehow, someway I think this might be a history making year for Mr. Bryant. I don't know how, but something is in the air for the guy this year.

Do you like playing with numbers? Well, what is 48 x 2? 96, of course. Kobe Bryant almost scored half of the teams points.

LeBron James...when you're 16 years into the league, I would like to see you drop 48 points. LeBron James, when you're 16 years into the league, I would like to see you average darn near 30 points a game.

This is stunning!

Kobe Bryant might be the best NBA player, ever!

By the way, the Lakers beat the Suns 99-83. lol!

mike t.


  1. He is without a doubt the best player of all time. To do what he has done in his career with superior athletes guarding him is amazing. Not to mention the ability to use zone to stop him. In the 80's and 90's basketball has to be one on one because the rules were set up that way. That Kobe averages what he does year in and year out is amazing and what troubles me is that most people don't see the greatness that is Kobe. Until he retires will we truly know the pure skill this man possess and that nobody will come close to matching.

    -Jonathan, a true Laker fan and

  2. Jonathan, Agreed!

    Thanks for visiting the site.

    mike t.

  3. Ah, purple and gold colored glasses.

    I'll refrain from commenting on this one.

  4. Sports Chump,

    Come on man. 16 years and dropping 48? What other player has done that?

    That's amazing!

    mike t.

  5. FYI kid, Jordan's career average is 30 pts. Jordan reached 40-plus pts three times during his 15th season and when he was 40 yr old playing for the Wizards. He is the best of all time. Not Kobe or Lebron. Learn your history boy. You need to go back to the Bulls tapes and see Jordan's greatness.

    1. Jordan isnt the greatest of all time. Not even close. He was marketed the greatest of all times but when you put it into context, he isnt. Its like saying corn flakes are the greatest cereal. What are you defining? Rings? wilt has 11. Versatility? Magic and Pippen were more versatile. Defense? D.Howard, Russell, Wilt etc are greater statisitcally. Scoring? Wilt by far. Rebounds? Pick any 10 Hall of Fame centers. Jorda was a great scorer but wasnt the greatest at that. Ovearll, Id rate him around Magics range and below guys like Wilt and Russell.

    2. Anonymous, thank you for visiting the site and taking the time to comment.

      I hear your point of view.

      Kobe is in his 16th season. Jordan didn't do anything near what Kobe is doing now at such a late stage in the career. Plus, Kobe is doing it with a damaged wrist.

      By the way, look at the title to the post. See the "?"? That means it's a question, in this case, something to consider.

      Again, thank you for visiting the site.

      mike t.

    3. Anonymous,

      "Jordan isnt the greatest of all time."

      During his playing career, I didn't think so, either. I was always a Chamberlain man, myself. But, over time, I had to go with Jordan because of the amount of championships. But not championships alone or Russell wouldn't be the greatest of all-time.

      My standard is multiple championships. Skill at your position. And the level of your skill at your position over a period of time.

      So, that's 3 things:

      1. Multiple Championships.
      2. Skill Level at Your Position.
      3. Skill Level and Skill Level with Longevity(How long did they do it for?).

      Here are Kareem's point averages in his last 4 seasons.

      23.4 (16th Season)

      Karl Malone:

      23.2 (16th season)

      Now, that is a seriously productive 16th season for both Abdul-Jabbar and Malone. KAJ, the man with the most dangerous shot in league history, but, even with that unstoppable shot, he was not able to do what Kobe is doing right now in his 16th season.

      Malone is disqualified because he has no championships.

      It's a good argument, but Jordan is up there in the conversation, just as Kobe is.

      mike t.


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