Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kobe! Trust Your Teammates...Yeah, Right!

Yeah, now we know why Kobe should never trust his teammates. Did you see Oklahoma City's Westbrook turn the ball over as the game was down to around a minute left to play with the game all tied up? Blake took the ball and passed it to Kobe Bryant, who passed it to a wide-open Pau Gasol, who, for some reason I just can't figure out, tried to pass it across the court only to have the ball intercepted by  Kevin Durant. I mean, did you see the pass Gasol tried to make? That pass was floating across the court like a feather falling from heaven, just waiting for someone, anyone to reach out and grab it. That's how soft the pass was going across the court.

Pau Gasol's pass was just like his reputation. Plain soft!

Now, I wonder what all those intellectuals over at the L.A. Times will say about this. All these years we hear them crying about how Kobe needs to trust his teammates. Simers and the rest of those idiots over at the L.A. Times sports department just got to see why Kobe should never trust his teammates.

mike t.


  1. Brother...

    It might be time to come to terms with that fact that... the Oklahoma City Thunder are just better.

  2. Not for the last 3 games. The Lakers should have won the last 3 games. I agree that the Thunder have more talent on their roster, but the Lakers had dictated the pace of the last 3 games, only to find a way to lose all three.

    Pau Gasol's pass in this game was just outright lame. That pass was like a feather falling from heaven just waiting for someone to pick it off. Oh wait! I already said that in the post, right? Well, I just can find another way of saying it.

    mike t.


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