Saturday, January 28, 2012

G-Lock: He Has Game!

I like what I see in G-Lock! It seems the Lakers have a player who's really "locked" into his self-confidence and it is translating into key points at key moments. In short: the Lakers might have a good piece to add to their rotation.

Mid-way through the 4th quarter it seems that only Kobe Bryant and Andrew Goudelock are consistent with putting the ball in the hoop. The Lakers cut the Bucks lead 6 points.

With 5 minutes left in the game Kobe hits a little floating jumper to cut the Bucks lead to 4 points. But Mbah a Moute and Gooden hit back to back jumpers to push the Bucks lead back to 8 points. Then Gooden hits 2 free throws to give the Bucks a 10 point lead.

Bynum finally puts points on the board for the Lakers to cut the lead to 8 points.

With less than 2 minutes in the game the Bucks lead the Lakers by 11 points as Dunleavy hits back to back jumpers to kill any threat the Lakers might be trying make.

Final score: Bucks beat the Lakers 100-89.


What I don't like? Pau Gasol's game. He just seems so passive that it just effects everything about his game.

Well, the Lakers obviously need to make roster moves. A photo of the Lakers bench says it all. Walton, Barns, Bynum, and Bryant...all seem to be down. And they should be down. This isn't working and management needs to do something.

mike t.

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