Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lakers vs. Timberwolves

1st Half:

I'm very impressed with Andrew Goudelock. He plays the game with confidence; like he's playing in his neighborhood and he can't be stopped. Isn't that how basketball players get the attention? Then they translate that neighborhood game to the organized game and the rest is history.

Somewhere along the way a lot of players lose that confidence. Goudelock, I think, has figured it out; that you have to shoot the ball with confidence or opportunity is going to pass you by.

Then we have an experienced veteran like Troy Murphy hitting 2 3-pointers to help the team keep their scoring rhythm.

The Lakers led the 'Wolves 53-45 at the half because Goudelock and Murphy took shots when they were available.

I like both of these players as opposed to Kapono and McRoberts who, in about 13 minutes between them, didn't take a shot. The Lakers aren't good enough to carry players like McRoberts and Kapono if they're not going to shot the ball when they're on the court.

2nd Half:

When the Lakers are relying on the big 3 to do all the work, they are a very boring team to watch play. And I don't put that on the big 3, but on the players who, when they get an opportunity to contribute...they don't even shoot the ball. That is unacceptable, period!


Pathetic Player of the Game:

Pau Gasol! He was doing very well in the 1st half, hitting little jumpers at the free throw line. But, in the 2nd half, when the 'Wolves go to a zone, suddenly he stops taking the shot and allows the 'Wolves to get back in the game. Then when the Lakers get the game back in their control, it's because Gasol starts taking the little jumper from the free throw line, again. The guy, Gasol, goes passive and that, to me, is pathetic.

Then, with all the offensive rebounds the 'Wolves were getting, it seemed that Gasol was there in the area getting pushed out of the way as the 'Wolves converted off of the offensive boards. Pathetic!

Coach Brown

The guy panics when the 'Wolves go to a zone. He does nothing to address the problem. His answer to the problem was to pull the bench players and go with the starters. That didn't do anything for the Lakers as they fell behind until Gasol started shooting the ball from the free throw line to break the zone.

Coach Brown, I'm starting to think, is in over his head.

Then, when the Lakers were trying to put the game away, they, the Lakers, started throwing the ball away. Pathetic!

This team has chemistry problems. Roster problems. Problems, problems, problems...

Lakers win 106-101.

mike t.

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