Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lakers vs. Jazz...Ouch!

The big 3 for the Lakers scored 71 of the teams 87 points. Not pretty at all!

Needless to say the Jazz won the game 96-87.

I'm stunned that Fisher and Peace, as starters, scored 4 points between them. And the Lakers' bench scored 12 points between them. Let's make this plain and simple: Fisher and Peace are done!

The Jazz' bench scored 49 points.

This is amazing because the Jazz beat the Lakers by 9 points with such an in-balance in bench scoring. In other words, the Lakers' big 3 are seriously good, but they need help, and not in the biggest way, but in a consistent way. Any type of consistent contribution outside of the big 3, and it would lift the Lakers to elite status as far as NBA teams go.

I'm thinking Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss need to come to grips with the idea that Fisher and Peace are done! They are dead weight to this team. Patience is a good thing, but patience isn't the issue with Fisher and Peace. Once, again, they are D-O-N-E!

At this point, if the Lakers sign Gilbert Arenas, that has to be an upgrade over Fisher. The question is this: what is the hold up? But, if the Lakers were to sign Arenas, the team still has to invest into Andrew Goudelock as the main back-up. Bring in Arenas and Fisher has to go behind Goudelock. I mean it when I say that Fisher is done as Luke Walton. Why mess around any longer? This is the big leagues and it's time to make big changes at the 1 spot for the Lakers. Forget Fishers' "locker-room" presence. It's his on-court production that is the point.

mike t.

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