Monday, January 30, 2012

The Kupchak Rumor

My theory to the rumor is as follows:

In Lakersville intl., the longtime fans know the history of the club, and anything in-between, going back to their time in Minneapolis.

With Laker fans, you have to present some good information to get their attention. Because longtime Laker fans understand the background of their team. It's a good thing to know who is connected to who to understand where a rumor, probably, gets it's start. That way, you can figure out who, probably, said what, because, you understand the history of the team.

Take, for example, the latest rumor that has Lakers' General Manager Mitch Kupchak getting ready to leave the organization. This rumor was tweeted by "famed" basketball writer Roland Lazenby. Roland Lazenby 's connection to the Lakers largely rested on his relationship with Tex Winter. Of course, Tex Winter is connected to the Lakers through Phil Jackson. And what's left of Phil Jackson's connection to the Lakers is caught up in Jeanie Buss.

The thing to remember when you read anything that Roland Lazenby writes about the Lakers; it has to be taken in the context of what side he's on in the Lakers' political structure. The political structure of the Los Angeles Lakers international (Lakersville), is, of course, team Jeanie and team Jimmy; as in Buss, of course.

Another thing you have to understand about Lazenby is that he likes to associate himself with established basketball minds. That's why he preaches heavily on Tex Winter. And he uses the Winter relationship to connect himself to Jackson, the coach with the most championships in NBA history. Lazenby takes his basketball articles very seriously, as he sees himself as an "astute" basketball  writer.

But, in all his writings about the Lakers over the past 5 to 6 years, he has referred to Jim Buss in words that are not too kind. Well, what does that say to us, here, in Lakersville? It says that he's on team Jeanie, of course. And because team Jeanie is connected to Phil Jackson, the theory is that Jackson represents legitimate basketball thoughts as opposed to Jim Buss' lack of basketball knowledge. So, Lazenby sides with the established knowledge, which happens to reside on team Jeanie's side.

What does all this mean? Well, it means that if there's any truth to the rumors coming out of Lakersville, concerning the departure of Kupchak as the GM of the Lakers, it has to be coming from Jeanie Buss.

I mean, check out the tweets from Lazenby:

"Starting to hear that Kupchak may be leaving the Lakers. Don't know if it's true, but if he did...well, there's Jimmy by his lonesome."

And there's this tweet, too:

"Much maligned in the past, Kupchak is a great, great GM + a great stabilizing force in crazyland."

Again, over the past several years, anything out of Lazenby concerning the Lakers comes from team Jeanie's point of view. That's why he refers to Jim Buss' handling of the Lakers as "crazyland." And, "there's Jimmy by his lonesome."

Everyone, from Lazenby, representing the bottom of ladder, to Winter to Jackson to Jeanie Buss, near the top of the ladder; except for Winter, they're all still upset that Jim Buss won the heart of his father Jerry Buss, and has control of the Lakers. It's something Jeanie wanted, and, it seems, she can't come to grips with the fact that she isn't running the Lakers.

All Jeanie Buss does now-a-days is bad mouth her brother, behind his back, whenever she can. Always questioning why the Lakers are the way they are, as if, if she were in charge, things would be different.

But, I think the thing that probably really burns sister Buss the most; it has to be the new TV deal the Lakers signed with Time Warner Cable that kicks in next season. That deal pretty much establishes the Lakers' earning potential for a very long time to come. In other words: Jim Buss probably can't run the Lakers into financial ruin. lol!

That pretty much makes Jeanie obsolete, when it comes to Lakers' influence. The only thing Jeanie has left is her media connections, which she uses to make her brother look bad in the eyes of the fans whenever she can.

Personally, my hope is that Jerry Buss would take a closer look at the Lakers' current situation; I think he would see that Jim and Jeanie running the Lakers, together, is not a good idea. Jeanie doesn't respect Jimmy, and feels cheated out of running the ball club after her dad retires. With that thought in mind, I'm thinking that if daddy Buss really wanted his son, Jim, to do well, and he does, he would cut Jeanie out of the Lakers' day to day operations. Sure she has an inheritance that comes from being the daughter of daddy Buss, but her animosity towards her brother is only going to cause the Lakers' organization trouble in the future. Again, I think daddy Buss needs to take Jeanie aside, and explain to her that Jimmy is going to run the Lakers no matter what, and she needs to stop sending out rumors that create conflict; all in her efforts to make her brother look as if he doesn't belong in the driver's seat.

You know, this is the type of thing that happens when someone thinks they're smarter than someone else. In this case, that's Jeanie, in her mind, over her brother Jimmy.

Now, back to Lazenby. I mean, for a guy like Roland Lazenby to  write so disrespectfully, over the years, about Jim Buss is a little hard for me to understand. Why does he bad mouth the new owner of the Lakers? You would think he would want to do an in-depth interview with the new boss, but, it seems, he goes out of his way to disrespect the new boss. What type of thinking is that for a basketball writer who, with all his connections, could probably get an interview with the new owner? Why doesn't he think along those lines? A probable reason might be that he's satisfied with the source of his Lakers' "scoops." And the source of those "scoops"? Why, Jeanie Buss, of course. Who else can it be?

mike t.


  1. You went out of your way in the beginning to establish Roland Lazenby as a legitimate basketball-minded writer, and then ended by chastising Mr. Lazenby for being critical, "disrespectfully..." about Jim Buss. Aren't you just as hyprocritical as Jim Buss???

    Maybe there is a reason why everyone else besides you sees Jim Buss for what he is: a disrespectful, clue-less, non-professional boss who is hell-bent on his own ability to run a NBA team, or lack thereof, to the detriment of his own team.

    1. Anonymous,

      Thank you visiting the site and, also, for taking the time to comment.

      "Maybe there is a reason why everyone else besides you sees Jim Buss for what he is: a disrespectful, clue-less, non-professional boss who is hell-bent on his own ability to run a NBA team, or lack thereof, to the detriment of his own team."

      Where do you get this information? "Everyone" besides me? That says a lot.

      Listen, all I'm saying is this: the lott has been cast, it is what it is. This continual disparaging of the boss, just doesn't sit well with me. Especially when a lot of the speech is coming from the likes of Lazenby.

      I just see a lot of envy on the part of Jeanie Buss as she uses her surrogates to do her dirty work.

      The team is in the hands of Jim Buss right now. And if he had pulled off the Chris Paul trade, nobody would have anything bad to say about the guy.

      The problem with the Lakers this season is that they're older now. And with the new CBA there isn't a lot that can be done to get out of the situation the Lakers are in right now. That's why the rejection of the Paul trade was a big blow to the Lakers.

      Unless something big happens, the Lakers are looking at rebuilding, just like the Celtics are right now. It happens.

      And there isn't a thing Phil Jackson or Jeanie Buss can do to make things come out better than what Jim Buss is doing right now.

      mike t.

    2. Jeanie has been in management roles professionally since her 20s. She has a proven track record. Jim Buss is a recovering alcoholic with a horse-racing "hobby" (i.e. gambling problem). Everyone feels she is getting cheated out of an opportunity to manage a team she has spent over two decades working with. Jim Buss has only been actively involved over the last few years and it is difficult to justify his role in managing the Lakers other than to say this is a clear example of silver spoon nepotism. This is what outrages most Lakers fans. Review a Jeanie Buss interview, from any source, and you find an articulate, business savvy woman with direction and drive. Check out a Jim Buss interview and you'll find an individual that is incoherent with lack of business acumen and at times reactionary. I found your blog post to be interesting at first but it quickly deteriorated when you were unable to justify why Jeanie should be out and Jim should be in. Based on what? Jeanie is clearly the more qualified of the two so why should she be out? And she was running the Lakers years before Phil Jackson even joined the organization. Jim needs to be out of the organization and back at Santa Anita where he belongs.

    3. Anonymous,

      Now it all comes out. Sure Jeanie feels cheated out of an opportunity to manage the team. Why? When was it promised to her to manage the team?

      You talk about nepotism as if Jeanie isn't part of the family.

      Personally, I think Jeanie scared her father away from considering her as reasonable replacement for himself.

      How did she scare him:

      1. She appeared in playboy know damn well that her father reads the book all the time. That was her way of getting her father's attention. So, her father gave her the attention by bringing her into the business. But, once in the business, what does she do?

      2. She starts dating the employees. First Kurt Rambis and then Coach Jackson. Now, you tell me, what type of stability is shown in that behavior? That is reckless to say the least. That's probably why her father pasted her over and gave the team to Jim.

      You see, Jeanie doesn't want to face her demons. She just wants to be the one who runs the Lakers.

      You refuse to see that dating the employees is cry for help! That is totally unprofessional. And probably the reason why her father pasted her by.

      Can you imagine Jeanie Buss running the Lakers? With Phil Jackson? You might as well give the team to Phil Jackson. Daddy Buss probably said: It'll be a cold day in hell before I let my daughter give the team away to an outsider like Phil Jackson.

      The Lakers are Jerry Buss' pride and joy. He probably wanted to make sure it stayed in the family. With Phil in charge, he probably would have started cutting out the rest of the family members and just he and Jeanie would have been running the show.

      That probably didn't sit well with daddy Buss, and it's, also, the reason why you don't date the employees.

      Plus, Jeanie's beef isn't with Jim Buss, it's with Jerry Buss. For the best future for the Lakers, Jerry Buss should cut Jeanie out of the Lakers. She only has resentment towards her brother and is only looking to make him look bad because she feels she was passed over.

      mike t.

    4. I mean really, when Jerry Buss brought Phil Jackson on board with the Lakers, he didn't think his daughter would start dating the guy.

      As a top manager of the team, that is the lowest behavior on both Jeanie and Phil to do that. On Phil, he burned the trust of his employer. That's probably why he let Phil's time with the team run its coarse, but when it was over, it was OVER!

      I mean, the whole idea had to put Jerry Buss in an awkward position, so he made the best of it. He gave his daughter the freedom to live her own life. Good for him.

      But, in the back of his mind, it showed a juvenile and unprofessional behavior. But, what could Jerry do? He's a playboy and he can't put people down for their choices in life.

      But, back to Jeanie:

      First the playboy photos. That was Jeanie saying: Look daddy, I'm as attractive as some of the girls you date.

      Dating the employees: Look daddy, I'm just like you! I've seen you with a lot of the girls who tried out to be cheerleaders. If I was a man, I would do the same thing. But, since I'm a woman, I'll date a couple of the guys you employ. I'm a lot like you daddy.

      The problem is this: she is not like her dad. Jerry Buss is who he is. Jeanie Buss tries to be who her dad is.

      Jerry Buss had to be looking at the behavior. Let's remember that Jerry Buss has a PH.D and is a very smart man. He had to be reading between the lines. The girl did outrageous things to get her dad's attention.

      Her logic being: if I were a man, you would probably approve of my lifestyle.

      Bottom line: The girl might be a professional at her tasks, but, emotionally...she is dangerous.

      I mean, what if she and Phil had gotten married and she got to manage the team? Then they decide to divorce. Under California law, they split property 50/50. Can you imagine Phil Jackson getting control of the Lakers through a divorce?

      Now, do you understand why there's no way Jeanie was ever going to get to be in charge of the Lakers?

      She's dangerous to the family business! And despite what Jeanie thinks, Jerry has other children to think about, too.

      mike t.


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