Thursday, December 8, 2011

The New Hornets...Why Not?

Why can't the complaining owners see it? The new small-market model. A balanced roster.

Check out the potential Hornets starting roster:

PG: Dragic
SG: Martin
SF: Odom
PF: Scola
C: Okafor



If they sign David West, too?

Why is the NBA holding up this deal? This is an early model of the new CBA small-market approach to winning. It's a small-market balanced roster model vs. the big-market 3 superstar roster model. The Hornets can afford this roster, but not the 3 superstar model. Tell me, can a big-market 3 superstar model beat the small-market balanced model? This small-market model exposes weaknesses in the 3 superstar model.

What is holding up this deal? Small-market teams can only dream to have a balanced roster to compete with the 3 superstar roster. This is the competitive balance that the lock-out was all about. The small-market balanced roster model forces teams to play basketball the right way. This model is much like the Spurs' model. The Spurs had capable players who committed to play the game the right way, and made stars out of Tony Parker and Ginobli.

Get it? They made stars out of Parker and Ginobli. Championships made stars out of Parker, Ginobli, Billups, Hamliton, and Prince. Team ball made these players stars when they won championships.

Paul is a league superstar. He hasn't won anything. Anthony is a league superstar. He hasn't won anything. Amare is the same as those two. It two philosophical approaches to the game. The big-market approach and the small-market approach.

Sometimes the league makes superstars and sometimes championships makes stars.

Let them go at it! It's the competitive balance that the lock-out was all about.

The Hornets, right now, are owned by the league. The Hornets are a small-market team. The lock-out was about creating competitive balance for small-market teams. This situation is just what the doctor, the league, ordered and now they reject it? The idea of creating competitive balance wasn't just to punish luxury tax paying teams; it was to allow small-market teams to gather assets in return for losing league superstars to the big-markets. Lamar Odom, Scola, Martin, and Dragic fulfill that idea.


mike t.


  1. Good blog, good post.

    I would add something move small markets teams to big markets, as Mexico city, Buenos Aires, or Sao Paulo, not only local citizens, the big amount of USA citizens from those big markets will watch them at the USA TVs stations.

    Asia and Europe are far, but this cities share USA local time zones, and richer ones there are even richer than the rich ones at USA small markets.

    No Tiffanys at New Orleans isn't it.

    PS. As it is a NBA team the risky business of going outside USA can begin there, and perhaps others will follow or if it is not a success - what I really doubt- a little shared lose.

  2. mitcoes,

    Thank you for the comment. Also, welcome to my new blog. You have an excellent idea of International basketball.

    Yes, the time zones of the cities you mentioned; it looks good to me. You talk about competitive balance, why not go down the International road?

    I hope you stop by and visit so we can talk basketball as the season goes on.

    Again, thanks for the comment and visit.

    mike t.


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