Thursday, December 8, 2011


I don't think the new CBA has sunk into the minds of executives (GMs) around the league, yet. Everyone is still trying to follow the 3 superstar model to a championship. That's all good, except for one little fact: what do these big market teams do to fill out the rest of their rosters? lol!

The Knicks, Heat, and Lakers are making moves that are going to tie up their salary cap limits pretty good for the 3 superstar model of basketball.

The Knicks have Amare, Carmelo, and now, it seems, Tyson Chandler at center. But, what about the point guard? And what about the rest of the roster? How do they proceed with their 3 superstars and win a championship without a point guard? And how do they fill out the rest of the roster, the bench? And how does a defensive center like Chandler fit into coach Mike D'Antoni's high powered offense? He still runs the run and gun doesn't he? It looks like a train wreck to me.

The Heat is about to sign Shane Battier, who is a good player. But, how does he address they're need for a center? I heard the Heat is going to sign Eddy Curry. Can you believe it? They have their 3 superstars, but have no real money left to sign a decent center. And, again, what about the bench?

The Lakers seem to be on the verge of getting Chris Paul with Pau Gasol on his way out, along with Lamar Odom. That leaves Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and Andrew Bynum. What happens to Derek Fisher? lol! And, once more, what about the bench?

The new CBA was supposed to create competitive balance for small-market teams. Well, what you see happening in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles; these teams have no more money to get a point guard in New York, a center in Miami and in Los Angeles...they have no small or power forwards. Well, Metta World Peace and Luke Walton are there. And their money, I think, will be spent when they sign Paul to an extension. Hence, enter in the small-market teams. They have the money to put together balanced teams that can challenge the big-market 3 superstar team model.

In other words: small-market teams can built teams with a new model, balanced teams, to see if that approach can compete with the 3 superstar model.

It might take a year or two, but I think this new CBA is, indeed, going to create competitive balance for the league.

mike t.

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