Thursday, December 8, 2011

Update on the Lakers Trade for Paul

"Adrian Wojnarowski: NBA owners have pushed commissioner David Stern to kill the deal sending Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers, sources tell Y! Sports. Twitter"

What's the problem with this deal? According to reports, the Hornets didn't want to deal with the Lakers in a package that involved either Odom or Gasol. The Hornets wanted to deal with the Warriors and the Clippers. The Hornets wanted Curry or Gordon, but the Warriors and the Clippers didn't make those players available in a deal for Paul. What are the Hornets supposed to do? Lose Paul at the end of the year and not getting anything?

The Hornets get Odom, Scola, Martin, Dragic, and the Knicks 1st rounder in 2012 for Chris Paul? That is one heck of deal for the Hornets! This isn't a one-sided deal. And the Rockets get a proven all-star in Gasol to replace Yao Ming. Tell me: what's wrong with this deal? This is just a case of envy.

I really think that most of the owners don't "get" the new CBA. It's the deal the owners locked the players out for. It was to create competitive balance. The problem, I think, is that the owners don't know what creative balance is in the context of this new CBA.

Let me explain one more time. Big-market teams are using the 3 superstar model to a championship. That's all good except for the new CBA. Most teams with 3 superstars will have trouble filling out the rest of their rosters. The owners complaining about this deal need to go out and get the players that are left. They have the money while the 3 superstar teams don't.

What? Do the complaining owners think the Lakers can win a championship with Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and Andrew Bynum? Do the owners think the Heat can win the championship with James, Wade, and Bosh? The Knicks with Amare, Anthony, and Chandler? Let the big-market teams follow the 3 superstar model. The new CBA is about to kick in and what are the big-market teams going to do to fill out their rosters?

To the complaining owners I say this: quit complaining and start spending! You locked out the players for this deal, but it seems you don't understand how it works.

mike t.

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